Wastewater treatment references list

No. Project name Operator System capacity (m3/h) Description of system Country Date of completion
1 Purification of industrial wastewater Nagykanizsa Fényforrásgyár 40 Ammonia removal with biological nitrification and denitrification, ion exchange system Hungary 2003
2 Galván üzemi wastewater treatment Kolomann – Handler Ltd. 12 Nanofiltration for removal of microbes, reverse osmosis desalination Hungary 2005
3 Treatment of Molybdenum wastewater Consumer & Industrial Lighting VAG Hajdúböszörmény 40 Removal of metals with ion-exchange system, storage Hungary 2007
4 Purification of industrial wastewater Infineon Technologies Cegléd Ltd. 1,5 Removal of organic materials, by Activated carbon filtration, Copper and Nickel removal with ion-exchange resin, controlling the pH of the outlet water Hungary 2015
5 Process water production and wastewater treatment PNH Ltd. 0,3 Activated carbon filtration , Sodium ion-exchange, Reverse Osmosis system with 0,3 m3/h capacity Hungary 2015
6 Industrial wastewater treatment system GE HUNGARY KFT. GE Lighting & Appliances Division 1 Microfiltration for eliminating microorganisms, Reverse Osmosis System for desalination Hungary 2015
7 HEAT-Gázgép wastewater treatment HEAT-GÁZGÉP Ltd. 0,25 Activated carbon filtration,  Reverse Osmosis System for desalination Hungary 2015
8 Process water production and wastewater treatments PNH Ltd. 0,2 Materials surface treatment wastewater purification with active carbon filter, selective ion-exchange unit to remove copper and zinc ions. Hungary 2016