Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Stations

Application of chlorine dioxide as disinfection or oxidation material gaining more and more importance as an alternative to chlorine (drinking water treatment ) or per-acetic acid (food and beverage industry). 


  • enhanced disinfection potential
  • disinfection effect is independent of pH
  • not reacting with ammonium and dissolved organic materials of the water
  • no odour or taste changes in treated water 
  • reliable process control
  • low investment cost
  • number of points of injection can be operated
  • economic operation with low chemical consumption 
  • high process safety
  • no ClO2 loss due to the closed gas loop 
  • high stability in ClO2 solution 

Fields of application

  • disinfection of drinking water
  • disinfection in food and beverage industry
  • disinfection of swimming pools
  • legionella protection  
  • treatment of cooling water

Chemical Dosing Systems

Chlorine Gas Dosing Stations

Hypo Dosing System